About The Blog

Welcome to the second home of I See You. It’s… not for everyone.

I See You started life on Facebook as a series of nonsensical horror stories based on the celebrity suggestions of the readers. Since then, it’s evolved into a series of nonsensical horror stories based on the celebrity suggestions of the readers, just now with delusions of grandeur and a passing nod to satire.

The page is updated every Monday with a new story, and I’ll also be re-uploading the archive from Facebook as I go along. All of the original stories are still available there  for you to read, should you be the sort of insane masochist who likes that sort of thing.

Comments, debate and calling the author an ill-informed waste of space with no sense of brevity are all welcome. So come in, put your feet up, have a read and please don’t forget to share the posts if you’ve enjoyed them. If you haven’t, I look forward to hearing your unsolicited opinion on why I’m a massive dick.


5 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Stuart cluny says:

    Love I see you…..

  2. L.L. Brock says:

    I see you and I raise you up as the best stuff I’ve read lately…

  3. Mike Sands says:

    Hi Sam, love your writing. Killer wit. How about doing an ‘I see you’ on Sir Philip Green? I think there’s rich material for fun there…

  4. Jonathan Keeley says:

    PLEASE larger typeface

  5. The Keith Vaz ISY hits the nail on the head for me Sam – great stuff mate – Mark

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